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Why Power Clean Your Old Deck?

What can give your home an instant makeover while also increasing the resale value of your home? Adding a deck, of course you are. You see it on do-it-yourself television shows all the time. Take an old and outdated home, add a deck to it, and you’ve automatically given this antique home new life and fantastic curb appeal. Having a deck is also essential if you’re the type of homeowner who loves to entertain or if you’re the grill master who enjoys spending his Saturday afternoon outside flipping hamburgers for visiting friends and family members. Other reasons for building a deck might include: 

  • Spending more time outdoors. Nowadays, potential homebuyers are on the lookout for a home with a deck because there’s nothing quite as soothing as spending time outdoors, whether you’re reading a good book or even sunbathing. For the nature enthusiast, having a deck is the way to go.
  • Decorating options. Gone are the days of simple wooden decks. Anyone who loves shopping in home improvement stores has seen a wide variety of decking materials on the market today. From the vast selection of hardwoods to the various types of fasteners and railing materials, the possibilities are endless.

To keep your deck looking brand new all year long, every homeowner should invest in pressure washing, which can take years of abuse from the harsh elements to disappear in the blink of an eye. Here are some things you might not know when it comes to keeping your deck properly cleaned and maintained: 

1. Reduce unnecessary repair costs. A filthy deck can detract from the beauty of your home more than you might realize. Most homeowners waste thousands of dollars on unnecessary renovation costs when they could have gone a much less expensive route by having it power washed.

2. Increase in resale value. If it isn’t properly maintained, your deck could significantly reduce your overall property value. And if you’re in the market to sell your home and property, then this step is critical. No potential home buyer wants to worry about having a deck rebuilt from the ground up. Keeping it clean with a thorough power washing can reduce future remodeling costs and add money to your pocket. 

3. Decrease potential dangers. When your deck is exposed year-round to rain, snow, and other harsh elements, it can become contaminated with algae, which is slippery and dangerous. Having your deck power washed can eliminate this hazard by stripping away the algae and giving it a smooth, dry surface. It will also do away with other contaminants, such as mold, lichens, and mildew, which all pose serious health risks if not eradicated.

4. More time in between cleanings. In most cases, once your deck has been properly treated, it shouldn’t have to be cleaned again for at least two years.

5. Helps new stain and/or paint last. Professional power washing can wash away years of mildew, stains, and old paint. New paint and/or stain will also adhere better to a deck that has been power washed. This step should always be taken care of beforehand for less stress later on.

6. Do away with pests. Anyone who owns a deck understands the dangers of critters, such as wasps, since many tend to build their nests underneath wooden decks and in between deck railings. If these pests aren’t eliminated, you risk being stung, as do any other family members and guests who decide to visit. This could be lethal for anyone allergic to insect bites.

Most of all, don’t risk harming yourself by using pressure-washing equipment you haven’t been professionally trained to operate. Avoid spending valuable time washing your deck by letting our experienced team at Budget Pressure Washing Pro do the dirty work for you. Call today for an estimate or fill out our convenient online form and let our highly trained team take care of the worry for you.