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Knowing important pressure washing tips will keep you safe when cleaning your home.

Even though you can’t see the dirt and grime buildup outside your home, it’s there. The accumulation of dirt is not an indication of how well you clean or if your house is well maintained — it’s simply a consequence of the elements making their way into your house. And with dirt and grime comes the depreciation of the value of your home. And for sure that is something that you want to keep going. Here we will talk about some important pressure washing tips to clean your home well.

Just because it is a natural phenomenon doesn’t mean that you can stand idly by and let your beautiful home get dull from years of grime. You can do something and so much more. Your home is an investment, and you should take care of all your investments in order for its value to stay high. Whether you plan to sell it in the future or not, it’s always wise to keep your home’s value on top. Not only that, wouldn’t it just be nice to stay in a home that’s neat and free of any pollutants?

Getting your house back to life by using a pressure washer to clean the exterior seems straightforward. A simple pressure washer cleaning can do wonders to your precious home and can definitely alleviate the value of your home in an instant. If you don’t know what you’re doing, pressure washers can cause a lot of damage, so it’s important to do some research before you jump into it. Just to get you started, here is some basic information about pressure washing.

Different Types of Pressure Washers

Believe it or not, when it comes to pressure washing, there are actually different types available. And it is important to understand these different types will help you gauge which one will be best depending on what you intend to use it for.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Since hot water pressure washer temperatures exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit, they clean more effectively. In particular, oil and grease are efficiently removed from surfaces by the use of these tools. The hot temperature reduces the need for many chemicals while cleaning, which can be a benefit in many scenarios. A lot of people would say that hot water kills germs, molds, and mildew at a higher efficiency rate. A hot water pressure washer produces water almost ready to boil, so it evaporates much more quickly. In addition to working in numerous different situations, these units are also extremely useful in killing germs. The automotive industry also makes great use of hot water pressure washers since workers often need to quickly wash off a lot of grease and oil.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Many homeowners choose a cold-water pressure washer because the water only reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is much safer to use. A number of commercial entities use pressure washers for general purposes.

Gas-powered Cold-water Pressure Washers

Gas-powered cold-water pressure washers are often used in outdoor applications where electricity is unavailable. It is not recommended to use them in sealed environments since they emit fumes. The electric-powered pressure washers are also louder than those operated by cold water.

Electric-powered Cold-water Pressure Washers

It’s important to check that your home or business can handle the voltage from an electric-powered cold-water pressure washer before renting one. You also need to make sure that your electrical system has enough pull to accommodate the additional load. Almost all of these units run off of 120-volt electricity. They are ideal for surfaces that are easily damaged due to their smaller motors and fewer RPMs. Because of this, they are an excellent choice for cleaning vehicles, windows, and painted surfaces.

After you understand the different types of pressure washers, it’s time for you to get some practical cleaning tips before you start your project.

1. Know and Understand What You Need

Whether you buy, rent, or hire a professional to do the cleaning job for you, it is important that you know and understand your needs just so you can get the right pressure washing equipment and solutions. Taking it from the different types of pressure washers, though they are generally the same, their efficiency and function vary in different situations.

2. Follow your Instructional Manual for Pressure Washing Tips

If ever you decide to get your own pressure washer or rent equipment. It is essential to follow the manual instructions to the letter.  This is rather basic but often taken for granted. You will get great pressure washing tips from it. You’ll learn how to use the right power and the proper hose tip, as well as what to wash and what not to wash. It will basically make your cleaning project easier.

Follow the instructions so that you don’t break items that are not replaceable or that are too expensive to replace. More importantly, reading the manual will also help you to avoid injuring yourself and others.

3. Measure The Pressure Washer Strength Before Using It

Because it has a great amount of pressure, it is important to test it out first before you direct it to any part of your house exterior, deck, or pavement just so you won’t ruin anything. There are two measures of pressure: pounds per square inch or outflow strength and gallons per minute or total volume of water.

You can choose between three to five different tips on most machines. So just go back to tip number 2 and follow the instructions to be safe that you are using the correct pressure for a particular cleaning requirement. Twenty-five to fifty feet of the high-pressure hose should be sufficient for most jobs.

4. Be Extra Careful When Handling A Pressure Washer

Well, this is highly related to the discussion in number five, the strength of the pressure washer. In addition to being potent, pressure washers are also very powerful. You can not use it like a regular hose where you can point it on the soil or a human being. It is a no-no to point it at another person. You should take protective measures when using one. You even have to wear protective gear like boots and goggles.

The force of the spray is strong enough to cut the skin and even tear through light shoes. Do not spray it on windows or electrical outlets. You should not pressure wash your roof because it can damage the shingles. Furthermore, you should never use a  pressure washer should when you wash air-conditioning condenser coils. These are very delicate and could ruin the unit.

5. Hire A Professional

This might be the best option if you really don’t have any idea about pressure washing. Yes, it might cost a little more in comparison to if you just do the cleaning yourself, but it will definitely be all worth it. Paying for a service does come with a price but with a lot of benefits too. Just think of it this way;  you are paying a price that not only will get the job done of cleaning but also provides you with the convenience of not having to exert so much effort. Moreover, it gives you that extra time to spend with your family or do something that you love.

Getting the professionals to do their job assures you that they work the proper way because they know what they are doing. Also, you need not worry about what kind of equipment and solution you have to prepare because they got it all covered. Simply put,  hiring a professional is a worry-free option.

Do you think you are up for a DIY home cleaning? Or you might think that pressure washing is just too much of a hassle. And that is totally fine! It is a tough and dirty job, to be sure, and you sure to get soaking wet. If you’d rather let someone else take care of the pressure washing, contact Budget Pressure Washing Pro Augusta GA pressure washing experts for help. They make cleaning look easy!

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