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Budget Pressure Washing Pro provides a number of residential cleaning services.
Budget Pressure Washing Pro provides a number of residential cleaning services.

What is Pressure Washing?

You might have heard of pressure washing from your friends or neighbors, and you’ve grown curious about it probably because it is starting to create some buzz. Well, you are in for a treat because we are here to help you understand what residential cleaning services are all about.

Pressure washing, or some people would like to call it power washing (there are many situations where pressure washing and power washing are interchangeable). It is a cleaning process that uses high-pressure water spray. The tool for this process consists of two-four high-pressure jets placed on a rotating bar that movies and swivels as the water flows. It creates uniform cleaning patterns that enable flat surfaces to clean quickly at a rapid rate. This pressure that comes from the water helps to remove the usual unwanted things on your home exterior like dust, mold, grime, loose paint, and debris. The pressure is so strong that it can even remove chewing gums and other sticky substances stuck on the roof and walls.

This cleaning process is actually common among buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. But there is actually a rise in demand for residential pressure washing services today. Mainly because of the efficiency of this process.

Pressure washing your home might feel like overkill if you’re unaware of its benefits, but in reality, it should be a regular part of your maintenance. The exterior of your home is very open to harsh elements.  Outdoor elements such as the sun, wind, dirt, ultraviolet rays, insects, and birds – as well as pollution and acid rain – take their toll on your home and contribute to its soiling, discoloration, and damage.

Now, you may think that you can just get your garden hose and spray off your home on weekends. Maybe you have a pressure washer that you own yourself. Still, there’s nothing that comes close to the speed, safety, and efficiency of a professional pressure washing job. Hiring a professional pressure washer is the best solution to keep the beauty of your lovely home. With that, why don’t we go over the top 7 reasons why you should consider pressure washing and get a professional to do it for you:

Increases your property value

First impressions do not only apply in business establishments but also in residential homes. Increasing property value is always a good thing whether you plan to sell your property or not. Who would want a decreased value, right?! No one for sure. As your home gets exposed every day to rain, snow, dust, molds, and pollution, it can really affect your home’s value if you just leave it at that.

Moreover, if you just let nature take its course, your home’s exterior will definitely degrade, create discoloration and oxidize. But good news, you can actually stop that from happening. If you regularly pressure wash your home, you can reverse the effects of these pollutants and chemicals on your living space. Not only do you improve the overall look of your home but also the whole curb.

It Is Safer for You to Hire a Professional Than to Do the Job Yourself

For sure, you have thought about just doing the pressure cleaning yourself. With many things that people want to D-I-Y, cleaning your home might be one of them. However, many people are unaware that pressure washing your home yourself can expose them to injury risks. Cleaning your home means you need to climb and use ladders, and we all know that accidents may happen. Injuries mean there are medical bills. Now you wouldn’t want that do you? And the domino effect may even happen because you won’t be able to go to work because of such injuries.

On top of possible injuries, pressure washing on your own might even cause damage to your home. So just avoid all of that unwanted stress and just hire a professional to do the job. They are knowledgeable and have proper training, so they obviously know the tricks on how to climb, stand on the roof and use the pressure washer correctly.

You Save Time with Pressure Washing.

Time is precious, so spend it wisely. During the weekday you spend most of your time at work. So come weekends, you should use that precious time to spend with your family or loved ones. That said, would you rather spend your valuable free time doing something that you can actually hire a professional to do?

Hiring services from professionals allows you to have time for the more critical people. On top of that, you need not worry about gathering the different types of equipment like a pressure washer, ladder, gloves, boots, and the like. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting the correct mixing of the solutions. In the hands of a professional pressure washer, finishing the job will only take minutes which would probably take you hours, if not days. So spend your time wisely and let the professional do what they are best at.

Saves You Money

Money will always be an issue. And you might think that pressure washing your home might be costly, but the truth is, it can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. A proactive approach to home care will help you make the most of your home.

You have the choice of being proactive and hiring someone to pressure wash your home or being reactive and finding out after it’s too late that you need to hire mold remediation experts. The following example illustrates the dire consequences of not keeping your home’s exterior clean. Be proactive and don’t get stuck with a hefty bill by being reactive. Instead, hire a professional pressure washing company and save a little money.

You Won’t Have To Worry About a Lack of Equipment

Equipment for pressure washing is not something that is readily available in regular homes. And without it, you could not possibly properly pressure wash a house. More than the trouble of the effort of doing it yourself, you also need to concern yourself with the special equipment that you need to use. It would be best if you decided whether you will have it rented or purchase your own.

Equipment like this requires significant investments upfront as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades. If you don’t want to worry about finding the right equipment yourself, then spending the money for it, you should hire a pressure-washing company instead.

Safeguards Your Family’s Health

One of the most important reasons to have your home pressure cleaned by a professional is to protect your family’s health. Having a dirty exterior imposes health hazards to you and your family. And it is something that most people are taking for granted. You may not realize that you are actually inhaling polluted oxygen due to the grimes and dirt surrounding your house. By pressure washing, it is possible to eliminate dirt, mold, and other allergens that adversely affect anyone’s health. Keep your house healthy year-round by getting it pressure washed by a professional!

Help Contributes Sustainability

A lot of people may not know it but using pressure washing actually contributes to sustainability by using less water.  Washing your home using a regular hose would let you use nearly four gallons of water per minute. And that is a lot of water put to waste. Furthermore, you will also probably find that all of this water is gushing into your neighbor’s property.

With professionals, you do not have to deal with these issues. Their water conservation techniques range from using runoff water for irrigation to using recycled water for irrigation. The statements above should be enough to help you decide whether it is best just to hire a professional or do it yourself.

Getting A Professional Pressure Washer: Last Thoughts

Now that you already know that pressure washing your home does a lot of benefits. The only question lies whether you will do it on your own or hire a professional. It may cost you more, yes, but the cost is not for nothing. Every penny is worth it. More than the service you pay the professionals, you are also paying for convenience. So you can actually relax and not sweat while you keep your house exterior clean.

In any case, that you are looking for professional washing services in Augusta, GA, then you can check out Budget Pressure Washing Pro. The company is committed to eco-friendly practices when it comes to our pressure washing services. They offer packages that are easy on the pocket. That is why their most loyal customers patronize them. There is nothing we pride more than a clean and healthy community; as such, we price things just right every time. Each technician knows the importance of being thoughtful of his surroundings and won’t spray chemicals on your landscape.

Another great thing about Budget Pressure Washing Pro is that they use top-of-the-line pressure washers that can take even your dirtiest driveways and sheds and make them shine as though they were brand new. Their services package includes the following:

Home exterior siding pressure washing: From top to bottom, their cleaning services also include a thorough wash from the sprayer down to the flooring, which is ideal for a clean health-conscious working environment.

Concrete pressure cleaning: The company’s core business is the deep and long-term cleaning of everything. They can remove all stubborn dirt and grime that often proves difficult to remove for a more attractive home.

Deck and patio pressure washing: To maintain your patio and deck, you should take advantage of pressure washing. The cost for maintenance is always better and cheaper than repairs. It will prevent dirt, grease, oil, and soil from damaging your surface. Whether you require deck cleaning or patio washing, their qualified power washers are on the job and ready to serve.

Fleet and Truck Washing Services: More than homes and patios, they also offer washing on trucks and vehicles. Regularly cleaning your vehicle to remove corrosion-causing agents like salt, oil, and grime extends its exterior paint and undercarriage life.