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What are the best professional pressure washers?

The best professional pressure washers are the ones that can get your job done quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of effort. That’s why you need a power washer that has enough pressure to clean your toughest jobs quickly and effectively.

Also, you want a model that’s easy to use, so you don’t waste time or have to strain yourself trying to assemble or disassemble the machine. Finally, it should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use without breaking down.


The best professional pressure washers

The best professional pressure washers are designed to withstand heavy-duty use. They’re made from durable materials and come with various features that make them ideal for commercial use.

Professional pressure washers are more powerful than residential models, so they’re an excellent choice for cleaning large areas. They can also be used to clean vehicles and other items that aren’t appropriate for a home unit.

The best professional-grade units are usually gas-powered and use an axial cam pump to deliver the water at high pressures.



The Powerstroke is a unique pressure washer designed and developed by the power team at Cleanway Systems. It is the only product with a patented piston pump design, which offers superior performance and durability compared to other products on the market.

The Powerstroke is designed for commercial use and is suitable for tackling tough jobs such as cleaning driveways, patios, decks, pool equipment, and more. The unit has been rigorously tested by professional contractors and engineers, who have concluded that it can outperform any other pressure washer on the market regarding cleaning power, durability, and value for money.


AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean is a highly-rated pressure washer with thousands of positive reviews. It’s designed to be used by professionals and homeowners alike. This unit features a powerful motor that can clean almost anything, including cars, trucks, and RVs. The AR Blue Clean also has a high-pressure hose that can reach up to 25 feet in length.

This product has various attachments, such as spray nozzles and different tips. These allow you to clean your vehicle, house, or other objects without damaging them. The AR Blue Clean also comes with a soap reservoir, enabling you to use soap and water with the unit without mixing them separately.

The AR Blue Clean is one of the most durable pressure washers today. It has a sturdy design that will last for years, even under heavy use conditions. It also comes with an extra long power cord so that you don’t need an extension cord or battery pack when using it outdoors or in remote locations where there are no outlets nearby.



This is an excellent professional-grade pressure washer. It has a powerful 2,600 PSI, and 1.4 GPM engine can clean even the toughest stains from your concrete, asphalt, or siding. This unit has a large 7” stainless steel lance that will not bend or kink when used with the high-pressure water stream. With its onboard storage, you can store all your accessories in one place.

The Simpson MSH3125-S is the perfect choice for any homeowner who wants to power wash their home without damaging it. This pressure washer has a low-profile design, allowing it to fit in small spaces and around obstacles like trees, fences, and vehicles in your garage or driveway. The Simpson also has an onboard detergent tank with a built-in rinse pump, so you can use chemicals on tough stains without having to stop and refill chemical bottles during your cleaning session.



When it comes to pressure washers, NorthStar is the brand that you can trust. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has made a name for itself as one of the best power equipment manufacturers in the United States.

Their products are highly durable, easy to use and maintain, and come with a two-year warranty. If you want a product that will last for years without problems, the NorthStar pressure washers are available in gas and electric models. Gas models are generally more powerful than electric ones but are also heavier and require more maintenance than their electric counterparts. On the other hand, electric pressure washers are lighter and easier to use than gas ones; however, they don’t have as much power as gas models.

There are three categories of NorthStar pressure washers: residential, commercial/industrial, and professional units. Residential units are designed for home use, while industrial units have more power than residential ones but aren’t as portable or easy to maneuver around your house. Professional units are designed specifically for commercial use by companies.


Shark Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

The Shark Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer is an excellent product for those looking for a mid-priced pressure washer that can handle all the cleaning jobs around your home. The powerful motor and three different spray tips allow you to clean even the toughest dirt and grime.


The Shark Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer has a 2200 PSI rating, which is high enough to handle most cleaning jobs around your home. This helps it stand out from other electric models with only a 1500 PSI rating. It also has an adjustable spray tip, allowing you to control how much water comes out of the nozzle at any time. This is useful when you need more pressure or less pressure during different parts of your cleaning job. It comes with three additional spray tips – 0°, 15°, and 25° – that can be easily switched out on your wand. Additionally, two different wheels on this pressure washer allow you to move it around quickly in either direction without picking it up each time you want to reposition it.


DeWalt Gas-Powered Washer

The DeWalt Gas-Powered Washer is a powerful machine that can clean everything from cars to patios. It has a recommended maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI and uses an 80cc engine to produce enough water pressure to cut through tough spots.

It’s easy to start and has an electric start option if you don’t want to hassle with pulling on a cord. The DeWalt Gas-Powered Washer also comes with an onboard detergent tank for easier cleaning and less mess. The unit has onboard storage for the hose and power cord, so you never have to leave them lying around when you’re not using them.


The best pressure washer for you depends on your needs

If you’re looking for a professional-grade model, then you’ll want to consider the following:

How many PSI do I need?

The most common ratings are 1,000 PSI and 2,000 PSI. The higher the number of PSI, the more powerful it is. A typical homeowner may not need a commercial-grade pressure washer, but if you have a lot of heavy-duty cleaning, you will want a more robust model.

What type of pump?

A piston pump or axial piston pump is the most common type of pump found on consumer-grade models. The piston pumps use small pistons that push water through the hose and out of the nozzle. These are cheaper than rotary pumps, which use two or three rotating axles inside the engine that spin at high speeds to pull water through hoses and shoot it out through nozzles. Rotary pumps are typically found on industrial-grade models because they are much more durable than piston pumps which can get damaged from overheating over time from using too much pressure.


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