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pressure wash your roof
Hiring the right professionals to pressure wash your roof can prevent unwanted, long-term damage.

Many homeowners forget that a regular roof cleaning is necessary because they do not always notice its condition. Keeping up with the rest of your property’s cleaning needs to make sure it is presentable takes up enough time. While cleaning your roof may seem like one of those last priority things, it is imperative to fire a professional to pressure wash your roof to prevent irreversible and critical damage.

How Often Should Roofs Be Cleaned?

Your home’s roof should get a schedule for a good cleaning after the first five years of installation. Following that, it professionals recommend having roofs cleaned every two years. Homes near factories, warehouses, airports, or roadways may need more frequent cleaning as these areas usually accumulate more pollutants and dust than others. Also, homes near many mature trees should also be cleaned more often as debris tends to build up more quickly.

Getting a regular roof cleaning has many benefits for the homeowners and helps prevent the house itself from unwanted damage. Knowing what these benefits are will go a long way in understanding the value of an excellent professional roof cleaning.

Why Do Roofs Need Regular Cleaning?

Just like any other part of your home’s exterior, roofs are exposed to outdoor elements that can cause the build-up or growth of algae, moss, lichen, and dirt. Such contaminants act like a sponge, absorbing moisture and potentially weakening its durability. Moisture can end up breaking down clay tiles and concrete, leading to early breakage and costing you tons of money on replacement or repair.

Regular roof cleaning is also recommended after winter or stormy seasons. Twigs and leaves can get caught in the spaces and cracks between tiles. This debris can loosen them, also increasing the chances of breakage. If possible, get a professional to clean your roof after a strong storm or after the season has passed.

Living near vast open fields or large gardens could mean that pollen and other plant residue end up on roofs as well. Getting your roof cleaned to wash away such pollens can prevent those with allergies from experiencing discomfort. Additionally, homes located near roadways, construction sites, and production factories should also get a regular roof cleaning to get rid of airborne dust and pollution. These also cause irritating allergies or even more severe health issues.

Older homes are generally in more need of frequent roof cleaning. This is so you can immediately pinpoint any areas that require immediate repairs. Any chips, cracks, or damage give plenty of room for build-up and contaminants to remain hidden. Such a build-up will inevitably cause worse damage.

Should I DIY Clean My Roof?

Many homeowners mistake the fact that thoroughly washing their roofs is an easy task. Yes, it is easy to rent roof pressure washing equipment and DIY, but there a many reasons why this is not a job for just anyone. Here are a few things to consider before opting to clean your roof without hiring a professional.

Your Safety Should Come First

Balancing on your home’s roof is dangerous on its own, but add in the mix of slippery moss or grime, and the potential for disaster increases. Plus, you have machinery that spews out water at an extreme rate. This pressure is enough to push you back if you do not have the proper training. All these can result in serious injury from a roof fall at best and a fatality at worst. Even if you plan on staying firmly on a ladder to clean, a powerful pressure washer spraying tiles from below can loosen the nails and staples of roof tiles. These nails and staples keep the tiles or shingles in place, and loosening them will likely cause them to fall off in strong winds or storms.

You May Not Get The Best Quality

Perhaps the most compelling reason to think twice about conducting a DIY roof cleaning is the sub-par results you may get. While you may think you did a job well done, you were likely to miss some important things without the proper evaluation from a professional.

You may just end up missing dirt, build-up, or debris hidden in cracks of your roof shingles. Additionally, a build-up with a dark color may blend in with the roof and be missed altogether. It’s not as simple as reading a how-to guide or video and think it’s all there. Remember, there are many features to take into consideration, like vents and chimneys that also need cleaning. A professional pressure washer will know how to manage these areas without causing any damage.

The Proper Detergent Will Do Wonders

The last thing to note is that there is a special detergent mix for roof cleaning. Getting the right formula determines its overall effectiveness in killing and removing growth like algae, mold, and lichen from the roots. These detergents should also be strong enough to dissolve hard deposits of dirt and grime without drying out shingles or causing damage (like discoloration).  A simple “Lysol” will not suffice in this situation, plus it’s not safe for you or the environment.


For all the reasons given above, it is best to leave roof cleaning to professional exterior cleaning companies such as Budget Pressure Washing Pro. These guys know what they are doing and can ensure you get the best exterior service at the right price!

What Is Used For Roof Cleaning?

When you consider your options for roof cleaning, keep in mind that different methods are used based on the type of roof your home has. Most roof cleaning will make use of a soft washing system that uses environmentally friendly detergents and chemicals. These detergents and chemicals dissolve the thick build-up of dirt and grime. Additionally, it also kills off mold and algae from the roots. Lastly, this method allows the chemicals to seep into nooks and small areas, so nothing is left behind.

Hiring a Professional Roof Cleaning Company Is an Investment in Your Home

Regularly washing your roof is essential in ensuring your home maintains its value and quality. Though you may be highly inclined to purchase a pressure washer, equipment, and detergents for a DIY job, this can be a dangerous and challenging endeavor.

While investing in your own equipment allows you to wash your roof regularly without having to spend on a professional, improper washing techniques will do more harm than good. You may use pressure settings that are too strong or even the wrong chemicals. Both of these will not only deteriorate your home’s roof even further but also cause harm to you and the environment if not done right.

On the other hand, investing in a professional roof cleaning service will enhance your home’s overall appearance without the likely hood of damage. You will also be getting a quality and thorough cleaning that lets you rest easy knowing the job has been done right.